Winter is upon us, or at the very least it will be soon. That may mean that it is time to get new winter tires installed on your Cadillac. That said, you might be curious about the quality of your current winter tire set, and you may be wondering if it needs to be replaced. The following article should help. Of course, you can always ask our experts to check your tires in storage, or you can ask to check when you bring your winter tires in to be installed on your Cadillac.

How long have you owned your winter tires?

Age is one indicator of the quality of your winter tires and whether they need to be replaced or not. We would strongly recommend that if you’ve had the same winter tires on your Cadillac for three or four years, you have them replaced. Even if your current set of winter tires still have a little bit of tread left, we are sure you’ll be amazed by the effectiveness and performance of modern and new winter tire technology.

What is the tread depth of your winter tires?

Checking the quality of your winter tires all comes down to measuring the tread depth. To do so, you can use a special tool, or you can even use a quarter by putting the nose of the caribou down into the groove. If you still see the nose of the caribou, chances are you should replace your winter tires. You can also check to see if the wear indicator is still visible on your tires.

Ultimately, your winter tires have to have a tread depth of at least 4 mm to be safe and effective but you don’t want to drive in winter if your Cadillac’s winter tires are anywhere near that. When you get below 5.0 mm, you are unfortunately compromising stability and braking capacity in cold weather or slippery roads. If your winter tires have a tread depth of less than 4.8 mm when the season begins, chances are your tires will go below 4 mm in tread before the end of winter, you might as well replace them now.

Lastly, think back to how your winter tires performed last year. If they weren’t as effective on snow or ice towards the end of last winter, you might want to consider new winter tires for your Cadillac. Our tire centre will be more than happy to help you find the right winter tires for your Cadillac vehicle!